Tim Yaeger


Tim Yaeger offers unique expertise with a comprehensive background in real estate, specializing in homes on the Peninsula over the past fifteen years.  Tim is a licensed Real Estate Broker and holds a Master's Degree in Real Estate from Cornell University.  Born and raised in Atherton, he possesses intimate knowledge of the communities and neighborhoods located on the Peninsula.  What sets Tim apart from other real estate professionals is his background as both a Broker and a Real Estate Developer.  This expertise affords his clients insight into the costs associated with renovation, additions and the construction of new homes.  Tim's background as Vice President of Development within a custom and speculative home development company has provided him with not only the expertise but also the network of contacts that can prove critical in making transactions successful.  In a market where clients must move quickly, working with a broker that can help to envision what may be possible on a property, estimate costs for construction and accurately assess property values provides clients with a must needed advantage.